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GSC - Travel Team

Manager Handbook 2016-17



Overall Description and Season Responsibilities:

●      Communication with parents regarding season start up, weekly schedules and changes to schedule, tournament details, special events

o   Weekly email with events for upcoming week

o   Special emails as needed or requested by coaches

●      Support for coaches-talk to them at start of season to finalize how/what you will be doing

o   Coordinate getting team jerseys, practice jerseys and pucks for first practice

o   Any other messages they would like to send to team

●      Contact with other team’s managers-game confirmation, sticker and score sheet exchange

●      Collecting score sheets and entering scores into CHC website

●      Coordinating Jersey distribution and return

●      Developing team roster sheets and stickers-templates provided

●      Ensuring time keeper volunteers are in place at the appropriate rink in advance

●      It’s best to keep a team binder with pockets and tabs: official roster, score sheets, code of conduct, consent to treat, Lake Placid and/or Tournaments

●      Tournament Registration and coordination as needed

o   Rosters, coordinating entry fee and details, hotel and meals



●      Scheduling is typically done by the team scheduler and not by the manager

●      Roster decisions are handled by the coach and not the manager


GSC Website Log in

·       All managers have admin rights over their team on the GSC website.  To log in with admin rights, use your email address and your personal password that you would use for any other functions on the site such as registrations, etc

·       You can use this site to email the team but please note that it will not show the cc list so if someone else on the team wants to email the team, they cannot  “reply all” to that email. 


USA Hockey

·       All managers must register with USA Hockey and forward their confirmation #s to Nick Sims at .  Please also copy me at lpratley@greenwichskatingclub.org.  There is no charge to register.

·       Go to: USAHockeyregistration.com.  Choose “Register Now”.  Then choose Ice Manager/volunteer and follow the prompts.  It takes less than a minute.


Jersey Distribution and Collection

  • Jerseys will be ready for hand out to team managers in early September, before the first game
  • A list of jersey #s and sizes will be included.  We will also email you a copy of the list.
    • Once you hand out jerseys, please return this list to lpratley@greenwichskatingclub.org so that we can keep a master list .
    • You will use this list at the end of the season as players return their jerseys.
    • Families will be charged $150 per jersey if they do not return them.
  • Managers should send out an email to the team, asking them for their top 3 number choices based on the overall list you are given. 
    • Returning players to the same team should have first preference to keep their # or choose another
    • First year players should then get preference to keep their number or choose another
    • Keep in mind that the player’s number from the previous season may not be included in your jersey options so you will need to manage with the #s you are given
    • Also note jersey sizes.  If there are particularly smaller or bigger players on your team, that may affect what jersey # they can wear, based on what you are given
  • At the end of the season, collect all jerseys and practice jerseys and document return based on roster
    • Its easiest to collect jerseys at the final game of the season
    • You will be provided a bin for jersey return

Please remind your families that there is a $150 charge per game jersey for those not returned



Team Roster Cards and Stickers

●      Once you have finalized the jersey #s, you can start working on the team roster cards and stickers

●      You will need 4 stickers for every game to be used on the score sheets

●      Include coaches name and certification #s

●      Team roster stickers sample provided-you can replace the names and #s with those from your team

●      You will need a package of 2” x 4” blank sticker sheets, 10 per sheet

●      Nick Sims will also send a link for the official USA hockey roster for your team once all of the USA    Hockey #s are finalized

●      Contact card for parents sample included in email-these are best credit card size so that parents can keep them in their wallets for quick reference

o   You can print them yourself and either laminate them at home or at Staples




Season Start-Up Paperwork

●      There are some required forms that must be collected in order to be eligible for the League and qualify for insurance.

o   USA Hockey Coaching Registration number from coaches (need to go onto roster stickers)

●      Consent to Treat Form

●      Code of conduct

●      All players are also required to join USA Hockey so you can remind them of that.  Parents send USA Hockey #s directly to Nick Sims. 

●      You can ask them to copy you if you want to help keep track. 

●      Once he has all USA Hockey #s for the team, your official roster will be posted on the GSC site and accessible by you as needed for tournaments, etc

●      Collecting this information is a hassle but this paper work is very important.

o   Send form to parents via email as an attachment, and ask parent to complete and email back to you.  All forms are on the website in left column under DOCUMENTS

o   Parents can also print it and give it to you in person.  Keep a few extra blank copies so you can have them fill it out on the spot.  This usually works for those that are delinquent after several reminders!

o   Once you have all of them, scan into a pdf and send to Nick Sims– keep a copy in your binder



Weekly emails (sent out Sunday night or Monday morning)

·       SUBJECT: ALWAYS use the same header, whatever you choose, i.e. "U12 hockey weekly" or “Squirt A This Week” (this helps recipients find or file if needed)

·       Include the schedule for the week including practices and games with start and end times

·       Away games: include the link for directions and or any necessary or helpful info (maybe parking info or GPS address if rink is tricky to find, etc)

·       Add notes when applicable ("Chelsea - need score keeper...)

·       Look ahead 2 weeks in case something different is coming that you want to mention.  i.e. “Reminder: Lake Placid Tournament starts on Thursday!”




·       Here is a sample weekly email:



Pre-Game every week

·       For every game, the Team Manager should bring the team binder and make sure it has:

o   blank score sheets (provided in GSC office for home games)

â—‹      Roster stickers (prepare in advance)-you will need 4 per game

â—‹      We also recommend that you make a folder with extra blank score sheets and stickers to give to coach in case you are not at the game when pre-game sticker exchange takes place

·       Rink & Game Planning - Different weekly requirements depending upon the rink:

â—‹      Brunswick Rink: no scorekeeper is provided so you will need two volunteers.  Bring a score sheet

â—‹      Chelsea Piers Rink: no scorekeeper is provided so you will need two volunteers.  Bring a score sheet

â—‹      Mamaroneck - no scorekeeper is provided so you will need two volunteers.  Bring a score sheet

â—‹      Dorothy Hamill  – GSC General Manager will confirm scorekeeper.  Bring a score sheet

â—‹      GSC – scorekeepers are provided. 



Score Sheets-CHC Score sheets

·       CT Hockey will be using a four-part score sheet again this season. 

o   White and yellow copy to winning team

o   Pink copy to losing team

o   Gold copy to referees to take when needed

·       Score sheets are to be submitted to the division director, listed below by age group. 

o   For all ages except for Mite cross-ice, the winning team is responsible for submitting the score sheet (if it’s a tie game, the home team submits)

o    All Mite cross-ice score sheets are to be submitted by the home team regardless of the outcome.

·       There are three acceptable ways to submit score sheets to division director:

·       Email of a scanned original

·       Email of a cell phone photo of the original. (Note: Texting photos of score sheets will not be accepted). 

·       Mail in the white sheet.



           All email submissions must be clear / legible, and full size

           A Division Director may request a re-scan, or an original if necessary to resolve any confusion or discrepancy.



Division Directors Email

Mite Director

Vince McCann Sr

Squirt Director

Chuck Wilkerson

Pee Wee Director

Nathalie Hade

Bantam Director

Robert Walker

Midget Director

Greg Stevens

All Boys Tier 1

Art Blakeslee

Girls Tier 1

Bill Leidt

Girls Tier 2, Tier 3 and Undeclared

Frank Usseglio





Score Sheets-CGHL

·       Post your scores on the GSC site-there is no paperwork that needs to be sent in

·       Keep a binder or file with all score sheets in case there is a discrepancy at the end of the season




Lake Placid

·       GSC has a central tournament organizer (Lorin Pratley) that will secure the tournament dates, hotel, etc

·       You will receive an email sometime near the beginning of the season that includes the Lake Placid information for you to send to your team

o   This year, our Bantam A, A1, PWA, A1, and Squirt A, A1 teams will be attending the CanAM tournament the weekend of 11/3-11/6.  The Bantam B and PW B teams will be attending 11/17-11/20.

o   Lake Placid registrations will again be handled on line.  The system only allows one email per player so please contact your team to alert them that they will be receiving an email invite.  Ask them for their preferred email address for this invite.

o   once you have all of the addresses, you are ready to start the invite process

o   please go to http://www.canamhockey.com

o   use the following credentials to log in:  Login ID is: lprat622@gmail.com and password is: gowings and then hit the button near the top that says My CAN/AM.  REMEMBER TO LOG OUT WHEN YOU ARE DONE!

o   once on the next screen, please find your team and click on MANAGE ROSTER-this is the screen that you use to add each player’s name and primary email.  right now, don’t worry about additional rooms or coaches.  I will try to deal with as much as that as possible.  Just enter all of your players and then hit SEND INVITES

o   please stay on top of your parents.  Can/Am wants everyone registered by 9/3.  It’s a good idea to send an email letting everyone know to look for the invite from CanAM.

·       While in Lake Placid, teams typically schedule a team dinner at a local restaurant for one of the nights-either Friday or Saturday

o   If you are not familiar with the restaurants that are team friendly, you should ask your families for recommendations-there will be plenty!

o   The challenge with scheduling this dinner is that you will not have your game schedule until 1-2 weeks before the tournament.  The restaurants are very familiar with this dilemma and will certainly work with you

o   There is also a team pizza party included in the tournament registration.  You will receive more information on this and other details of the tournament about 1 week prior to the tournament start date.



Organizing Events and Team Parties

●      Each team has a food budget of up to $300 per team for ONE team party.  

o   This can be used for a pizza party, holiday party or a meal planned around a tournament.

o   Managers or a team representative should organize and pay for the food and then submit receipts to Barbara Williams for reimbursement.

·       There will be other events and team meals that will require you to split a bill among players/families.

o   The manager or team representative may pay the entire bill and then provide receipts with a detailed breakout of who should be charged what amount to Barbara.  She will add it their monthly bill.

o   PLEASE make sure that the families know you are doing this to limit the # of questions to Barbara. 

o   It is best to send the billing to Barbara in a timely manner to reduce questions and surprises on bills



·       Most teams also enjoy a holiday gathering in December.

o   The holiday party with a team grab bag is usually scheduled during the week around a practice.  (It is more difficult to hold the party on weekends around games as the upstairs tends to be more crowded and the grab bag adds an element of rowdiness!).

o   To schedule your party, please email Lorin Pratley.  We want to make sure that there is minimal overlap on the parties but with 14 teams trying to celebrate within a 1-2 week span, it is inevitable.

o   It is easiest to either use your team party budget or get parents to volunteer to bring food.

o   If you want to include a gift exchange for the players, we recommend gifts of around $15-$20

o   Many teams choose to give a small gift to the coaches at this time as well.  Typical gifts this past season were GSC pro shop items such as the navy ¼ zip for the men, logo cooler bags, etc

●      Overnight Games

o   Contact hotels to see if you can secure a group rate and then send info to parents via email with exactly what they need to do

o   Organize team meals as appropriate or possible

●      Some teams also organize an end of the year party, if timing allows

o   Sometimes this is a dinner at states or just an informal gathering at GSC for the final home game, etc

·       Last year, we initiated “Bantam Night” which was held at towards the end of the season,  The event included a cookout and all 3 Bantam teams playing home games, as well as the rose ceremony for each team.  The night was well received and would be a good event to repeat.  Bantam managers will need to coordinate with the help of Lorin and Brent.


Team Pictures

●      Typically GSC schedules a photographer to take team and individual pictures. 

·       You will need to coordinate and remind players leading up to that night

·       More info to follow later in the season once the photographer is scheduled




Contact Card Sample