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Welcome to the Greenwich Skating Club

GSC Hockey Tryout Registration Now Open!

GSC Hockey Tryouts will be held May 1-3

Don't Forget to Register!


*Every player must attend 2 sessions-boys teams choose 2 of 3 and girls teams must attend 2 of 2*


*You MUST register with USA Hockey for the 2015-2016 season PRIOR to registering for GSC tryouts*
 Here is the link for USA Hockey and Registration:




*For full details, please see the Hockey Tryout Procedures listed on the below*


We look forward to seeing you at tryouts! 


by posted 04/09/2015
GSC Travel Hockey Tryouts - May1-3




2015-2016 Season


Attention:  Hockey Participants


As the 2014-2015 banquet has passed and the season has come to a close, we are already beginning the process for next year. It is our hope that your children and your family have enjoyed the past season – and that over the last six months you have made new friendships, witnessed new experiences and learned new skills.


As the club begins its focus on 2015 – 2016, the Hockey Committee has been working to finalize tryout details and has developed guidelines to help improve Greenwich Skating Club’s Hockey Evaluation process.  Please keep in mind that tryouts are a difficult time for everyone. It is the goal of the Hockey Committee to place players where they will have the best opportunity to succeed and compete. 





Team selection and player placement philosophy


The Hockey Committee is committed in its efforts to place each player on an appropriate team based on the individual merits of each player and his or her contribution to the team.  While we are unwavering in our mission to be a family club, at the travel level, we are also committed in our efforts to create the most competitive teams that we can.


We believe that the selection process should be meritocratic and should be based on each player’s complete “body of work”. 


In an effort to meet these commitments, the Hockey Committee will make sure that team placement is undertaken in the following manner: 


  1. The selection committee for each team consists of a group of evaluators with hockey experience and without any relationship to a player being evaluated

  2. The try-outs are fair and balanced and open to all eligible players

  3. The evaluation is systematic, structured, and rigorous.

  4. Each player’s efforts, contributions and achievements to this years’ team are incorporated and are taken into consideration.


We believe that this will create the appropriate impartiality in the selection process and also will enable each player to be more completely evaluated - not only on the basis of a few tryout skates but also on his or her characteristics over a season.




Evaluation and Selection Process


The evaluation process will incorporate the following:


  • Input from this year’s coaches (‘14 – ‘15)

    • Each coaching staff has completed an evaluation of his players based on their full year experience with each player.We think this provides a great perspective on each player as a practice and game competitor, a teammate, and their skills and hockey sense.

  • Recent Game Observation

    • Hockey Committee members have provided input from games watched over the last few weeks of the season and have logged observations to be considered during the selection process.

  • Tryouts Detailed Scoring

    • Evaluators will all use a structured evaluation framework which will score players on a number of criteria.

    • Evaluators will all be experienced hockey evaluators.

    • There will be multiple evaluators at each tryout.

  • Transparency and Impartiality

    • Parents of a player trying out for a team will be excluded from the process.

    • If someone has as a child trying out for a position, they will not be included as on-ice facilitators or on the evaluation or selection committee.


Tryout Guidelines


The dates for tryouts are listed below.  The exact number of teams per age group will ultimately depend on the number of players that try out.  We estimate 2-3 teams for each boys’ category and 1-2 teams for each girls’ category.


Tune Ups


There is an optional tune-up for all players in advance of tryouts, scheduled for Mamaroneck Rink on April 29th and April 30th:


Wednesday, April 29th

Squirts             530pm- 640pm

Bantam            650pm-815pm

Thursday, April 30th

Pee Wee          530pm-640pm

U12                 650pm-800pm

U14                 810pm-920pm





Tryouts will be held as follows. You must attend 2 tryouts (2 out of 3 boys teams, 2 out of two for girls teams).


Squirts, Pee Wee and Bantams: 

Friday- Sunday May 1, May 2, May 3rd

You need to attend 2 of 3 tryouts.

And as last year, Bantam tryouts will be no checking


Girls U12 and U14:  

Saturday- Sunday May 2 and May 3rd

You need to attend both tryouts.



Mites and Girls U10 tryouts will be held in the fall.


Girls Tryout Guidelines


As a hockey program, we are as committed to the girls travel program as we are to the boys travel program. And as such, we recognize that occasionally a girl, seeking an appropriate level of competitiveness, may choose to try-out for a boys team. While we are committed to allowing all hockey players the ability to play at a level most appropriate for them (regardless of gender), we also understand the need to balance this approach with the needs of the boys program and the girls program.


Therefore, all girls are encouraged to try-out for our Mite Teams, and any girl is welcome to tryout out for their respective Squirt, Pee Wee and Bantam Team. The Hockey Committee has determined the following guidelines for the Club’s evaluation and selection process in these cases:

  • If a girl tries-out for a Squirt, Pee Wee or Bantam Team;

    • If she is a first year Squirt, Pee Wee or Bantam, she must make the A or A1 team (she will not be considered for the B team), and

    • If she is a second year Squirt, Pee Wee or Bantam, she will be must make the A team (she will not be considered for the A1 or B team.)


Girls may (should) also try-out for the age appropriate U10, U12 and U14 Teams. We cannot hold spots on the girl teams nor can we add girls to the girl team rosters after teams have been announced. Therefore it is strongly recommended that girls who are trying out for boy’s teams also attend the tryout for the appropriate age- equivalent girls’ team.


  • All girls trying out for Mites will be (There is no change in the policy at the Mite level.)



Playing travel hockey is a commitment. While we understand participating in other activities, playing travel hockey is a commitment to a team and to a program. As such, we will expect attendance at practices and games except for emergencies, to be approved by the Coach.


  • If your child is on an A team or A1 team, they will practice twice per week and typically play 2 games per weekend. In addition there will usually be two tournaments throughout the year. The expectation is that your child will participate in about 50 practices per year and play in about 40-45 games per year.


  • If your child in on a B team, they will practice one to two times per week and will typically play one travel game per week on Saturday, and will participate in the Outdoor Hockey League (games on Sunday). The expectation is that our B teams will play in about 30 travel games per year plus about 10 OHL games.


If you think that the commitment level of playing in a travel team is too significant please let us know in advance as we go through the selection process. Given the resurgent success of the Outdoor Hockey League this year, with over 80 players this year, it is once again a true option for someone looking to play competitive, developmental, local, and fun hockey on our home ice.




While the exact fees for the 2015-16 season will depend on several factors including outside ice time required, additional league play, our expectation is that the fees will be in line with this season (approximately $2250-$2350).


As the number of teams and roster spots per team will impact our planning process, it is critical for us to finalize commitment and rosters. As result, for the 2015-16 season, we will need you to accept your position on the team before May 15th, 2015. At that time, a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $500 will be required.


This fee is not a tryout fee.  It will be applied against your travel player fee for next year. And if you do take a spot on the team and do drop out before or during the season, your fee will not be pro-rated or refunded. We budget the program based on participation and as such need everyone honor these commitments.


Please go to (website link) to register your player for the 2015-2016 season.  As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.




Again we are already looking forward to the 2015 – 2016 season.  It is our hope that you share our enthusiasm.  We believe that these process improvements and updated guideline will enable a smooth, fair and balance evaluation process and put our program on the right track for a successful year.  As always our goal is to place players where they will have the best opportunity to succeed and compete. Good luck in tryouts and, as always


Go Wings!

Hockey Committee

by posted 04/08/2015